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September Discussion – The Skunk with No Funk by Rebecca Young; illustrated by Leila Rudge

skunkThis is a delightful picture book about a little skunk who is a little bit different.  Although Woody looks like the other members of his family he lacks the one characteristic that really defines skunks – an odour.  We thought this was beautifully illustrated, easy to read aloud and a lovely introduction to the idea of difference for the younger grades.

We enjoyed the humour and could relate to the “helicopter parenting” style of his mum and dad who immediately go into overdrive worrying about Woody’s ability to protect himself.  His family try a number of means to make him smell but in the end realise that their efforts are to no avail.  Woody seems to be more concerned with dancing than usual skunk pursuits.  As is inevitable, there comes the day when Woody is alone and at risk of being eaten.  He begins to dance and ensures his escape from the startled predator.  We did wonder whether that technique would be successful second time around.

This picture book could open up lots of discussion with our classes regarding the differences and similarities between family members, class mates and friends and the importance of having different interests and skills from each other.